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Fried tofu with daikon and ginger

If you like, you can add dried smoked bonito flakes to the sesame seeds or try coating the tofu with Japanese breadcrumbs instead.
Fried tofu with daikon and ginger



1.Press tofu between two chopping boards with weight on top, raise one end; stand 25 minutes.
2.Cut tofu into 2.5cm (1-inch) cubes; toss in flour, shake off excess. Dip tofu in egg, then in combined seeds to coat.
3.Heat oil in medium saucepan; deep-fry tofu, in batches, until browned lightly all over. Drain on absorbent paper.
4.Meanwhile, to make sauce, stir stock, mirin and soy sauce in small saucepan until heated through.
5.Serve tofu with warm sauce and topped with daikon and ginger.

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