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Fish sandwiches with Caesar dressing

Up your sambo game.
fish sandwiches with caesar dressing

Up your sambo game with these tasty fish sandwiches with a tangy Caesar dressing. If you don’t like fish they also work well with a chicken schnitel.

Looking for more fancy sandwiches?


Fish sandwiches with caesar dressing
Caesar dressing


Fish sandwiches with caesar dressing

1.Make caesar dressing. Place all the ingredients in a screw-top jar; shake well.
2.Cook fish in a heated, oiled frying pan until cooked through. Remove from heat, cover fish, stand 5 minutes.
3.Spread bread slices with dressing, sandwich lettuce, egg, fish, cheese and remaining dressing between bread slices.

You can replace the fish with pan-fried chicken schnitzel, if you like.


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