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Big breakfast vegetarian-style

If you're getting bored of your usual weekend fry-up, try this healthier and tasty vegetarian version!
big breakfast vegetarian-style

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1.Blend or process herbs and oil until smooth; season.
2.Rinse and drain beans. Quarter mushrooms. Halve tomatoes. Coarsely grate cheese.
3.Divide half the mushrooms, half the tomatoes, half the cheese, half the beans and half the herb mixture into four small (1-cup/250ml) shallow heatproof dishes. Carefully break one egg into each dish. Top with remaining mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, beans and herb mixture, then break remaining eggs into dishes.
4.Place two dishes at a time in bamboo steamer over wok of simmering water; steam, covered, about 10 minutes or until eggs are cooked through. Repeat with remaining dishes.

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