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Za’atar-spiced veal chops with fattoush

Za'atar-spiced veal chops with fattoush from Australian Women's Weekly.
Za'atar-spiced veal chops with fattoush



1.Preheat grill.
2.Make za’atar; combine ingredients in small bowl.
3.Make fattoush; grill bread until crisp; break into small pieces. Combine tomato, cucumber, capsicum, onion and herbs in large bowl. Just before serving, toss bread and combined oil, juice and garlic into salad.
4.Cook veal under hot grill, turning once, until cooked as desired. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of the za’atar equally over the veal; serve with fattoush.

Sumac is a purple-red, astringent spice ground from berries growing on shrubs that flourish wild around the Mediterranean; adds a tart, lemony flavour. Can be found in Middle Eastern food stores. While za’atar is easy to make, it can also be purchased in Middle Eastern food shops and some delicatessens.


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