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Salmon with burnt orange sauce

Salmon with burnt orange sauce



1.Combine sugar and the water in small saucepan; stir, without boiling, until sugar dissolves, bring to a boil. Reduce heat, simmer, uncovered, without stirring, until mixture is a light caramel colour.
2.Remove pan from heat; allow bubbles to subside. Carefully stir in rind and juice; return pan to low heat. Stir until any pieces of caramel melt. Remove pan from heat; stir in oil and vinegar.
3.Meanwhile, place fish in large bamboo steamer set over wok of boiling water; steam, covered, 15 minutes. Serve fish with watercress, drizzled with sauce.

As a rule, when steaming, the water should never touch the food. While a tight-fitting lid will keep most of the water in the pan or wok, if you’re steaming for long periods of time, it’s not a bad idea to check occasionally, that the water has not totally evaporated.


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