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Pork rice-paper rolls

These pork rolls are a tasty starter before a main course of fried rice or a bowl of chicken broth with rice noodles.
pork rice-paper rolls



1.Cook pork, garlic, ginger and spice in a large non-stick frying pan, stirring, until pork is changed in colour and cooked through.
2.Add wombok, onion, soy and oyster sauces, and 2 tablespoons of the coriander to pan; cook, stirring, until wombok is just wilted.
3.Place one sheet of rice paper in a medium bowl of warm water until softened slightly; lift sheet carefully from water, place on board, pat dry with absorbent paper. Place one-twelfth of the filling mixture in the centre of the sheet; fold in sides, roll top to bottom to enclose filling. Repeat with remaining rice paper sheets and filling.
4.Combine remaining coriander with the sweet chilli sauce and juice in a small bowl. Serve rolls with sauce mixture.

When soaked in hot water, Vietnamese rice-paper sheets (banh trang) make pliable wrappers for a host of fillings. You will need a small wombok (napa cabbage) for this recipe.


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