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Poached salmon with dill yoghurt sauce

Poached salmon with dill yogurt sauce


Poached salmon
Dill yoghurt sauce


Poached salmon with dill yogurt sauce

1.Wipe fish dry with absorbent paper. Place fish, herbs, peppercorns and wine in fish poacher. Add enough water to completely cover fish. Bring slowly to a simmer. The liquid must not boil.
2.Poach fish about 12 minutes or until cooked as desired.
3.When fish is cooked, lift tray with fish on it from the poaching liquid. Allow to drain well. Discard liquid and herbs. Transfer fish to serving platter; remove skin from the top of fish.
4.Meanwhile, make dill yogurt sauce. Combine yoghurt, shallots and dill in a medium bowl.
5.Serve salmon with sauce.

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