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Jerk pork chops with pumpkin chips

Jerk pork chops with pumpkin chips


Piri piri dipping sauce


1.Combine chilli, onion, garlic, allspice, thyme, sugar, sauce, juice and chops in medium bowl.
2.To make piri piri dipping sauce; combine ingredients in small bowl.
3.Cut pumpkin into 7cm chips. Boil, steam or microwave until tender; drain. Combine chips with oil in medium bowl. Cook chips in heated oiled grill pan until browned.
4.Meanwhile, cook chops in grill pan until cooked.
5.Serve chops with chips and dipping sauce.

The use of the word “jerk” in culinary terms refers to a spicy jamaican seasoning used to marinate meat, seafood or poultry before grilling or roasting it. While each cook has his or her particular favourite combination of spices, jerk almost always contains allspice, thyme and chilli. Piri piri is an Afro-Portuguese hot sauce made from a tiny red chilli of the same name, ground with ginger, garlic, oil and various herbs.


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