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Garfish with leek, prosciutto and prawns

Also known as needlefish, thanks to their long jaw, and with their unusual green bones, garfish are not the prettiest of the sea's offerings, but they are delicious.
garfish with leek, prosciutto and prawns



1.Cut leek in half lengthways. Cut into 10cm lengths; separate layers. Drop leek into medium saucepan of boiling water; drain. Rinse under cold water; drain.
2.Shell and devein prawns.
3.Flatten garfish with rolling pin. Place fish skin-side down on board; line with pieces of leek, then a slice of prosciutto. Spread each with 1 teaspoon of the pesto; top with a prawn. Starting from head of fish, roll to enclose prawn; secure with toothpick. [Can be made a day ahead to this stage and refrigerated, covered.]
4.Cut zucchini lengthways into 5mm-thick slices. Cook on heated oiled grill plate (or grill or barbecue) until browned and tender. Cover; keep warm.
5.Cook fish on grill plate until cooked through. Serve fish with char-grilled zucchini.

Roasted vegetable pesto is available from most supermarkets; alternatively, you can use your favourite flavoured pesto.


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