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Braised prawns with vegetables

This colourful Asian-inspired stir-fry is healthy, simple to make and can be on your dinner table in a flash or even quicker if you buy your prawns pre-prepared. It is equally delicious served with steamed rice or noodles.
Braised Prawns with Vegetables



1.Shell prawns; using sharp knife, cut down back, remove back vein.
2.Cut broccoli into thick pieces. Drain mushrooms. Drain bamboo shoots, cut into thin slices.
3.Heat oil in pan or wok, add prawns, sauté quickly until tender and light pink in colour, approximately 3 minutes.
4.Add to pan the bamboo shoots, broccoli and mushrooms, toss well. Blend cornflour with chicken stock, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, sugar and ginger. Bring to boil. Stir continuously and cook 1 minute. Serve with steamed rice.

If straw mushrooms are not available, replace them with canned champignons (small whole mushrooms).


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