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Blt salad

BLT Salad


Mustard mayonnaise


1.Turn on the grill (broiler) and let it heat up. To make the mustard mayonnaise, mix the ingredients in a small bowl with a spoon.
2.Put the tomatoes on an oven tray; spray them with cooking oil. Put the bacon on the same tray. Cook under the grill until the tomatoes are slightly soft and the bacon is browned and crisp.
3.Take the tray from under the grill; use tongs to lift the bacon onto absorbent paper. When the bacon is cool enough to touch, chop it coarsely. Cover tomatoes and bacon with foil to keep them warm.
4.Use a bread knife to cut the bread into eight slices; put the slices under the grill to toast on both sides.
5.Put the tomato, bacon, cheese and lettuce into a large bowl; mix them together with tongs. Divide the salad between four serving dishes. Pour the mustard mayonnaise over the salad; serve with toast.

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