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Beef and black bean sauce

A classic Chinese dish we all love.
beef with black bean sauce

Crunchy, fresh and delicious, this beef and black bean sauce recipe makes for a quick and easy midweek meal. A classic Chinese dish, beef and black bean stir-fry makes a great mid-week dinner. Add cooked noodles at the end if you want something more substantial.

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Beef with black bean sauce


Beef with black bean sauce

1.Bring medium saucepan of water to the boil, gradually add rice; boil uncovered about 20 minutes or until rice is tender, drain.
2.Blend cornflour with the water and sauce in small bowl.
3.Heat lightly oiled wok; stir-fry beef, in batches, until browned. Remove from wok.
4.Add garlic, white onion, capsicum, carrot, celery and the extra water to wok; stir-fry about 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Return beef to wok with cornflour mixture; stir-fry until sauce boils and thickens.
5.Remove from heat; stir in green onion. Season to taste. Serve stir-fry with rice.

Add black bean sauce to taste as different brands vary in thickness, saltiness and taste. We used half a 275kg (9-ounce) sachet of 97% fat-free black bean stir-fry sauce.


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