Strawberry sorbet with tangerine Campari syrup

The flavours of this dessert are deliciously balanced with the sweetness of the strawberry sorbet offset by the tart fruit and syrup.


Strawberry sorbet
Tangerine Campari syrup
Pistachio praline candy crumbs


Pistachio praline candy crumbs

1.Heat the sugar in a heavy-based frying pan until caramelised, add the nuts and quickly stir, then pour onto a baking paper-lined tray to cool.
2.To create the praline candy crumbs, cover with a piece of baking paper and bash with a meat tenderiser or rolling pin.
3.Store in a clean, resealable jar until ready to use.


4.To make the sorbet, whiz the strawberry purée and sugar syrup together in a blender until well combined and pour into a flat metal dish. Freeze several days ahead of time, as the high sugar content makes it take longer to freeze. It also gives the sorbet a luscious feel in the mouth and a shiny finish.
5.To make the tangerine Campari syrup, place the sugar syrup and peel in a pot and simmer until reduced by half.
6.Add the Campari and simmer for 1–2 minutes, stirring to combine. Cool, then remove the peel. Pour into a clean, resealable jar or jug and refrigerate until required. This lasts for weeks, so it can be made well ahead of time.
7.To serve, arrange the sliced tangerine and pomegranate seeds on serving plates and top with a scoop of sorbet, a sprinkle of pistachio candy crumbs and a drizzle of tangerine Campari syrup. Serve at once before the sorbet starts to melt.

This recipe may seem very involved but all the components can be prepared ahead of time, except for the fresh fruit to garnish.


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