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Frozen yoghurt and raspberry swirl

frozen yoghurt and raspberry swirl



1.Combine caster (superfine) sugar and water in a small saucepan, stir over low heat until sugar dissolves. Sprinkle gelatine over sugar syrup mixture, stir until gelatine dissolves. Combine gelatine mixture and yoghurt in a medium bowl, pour into a 14cm x 21cm (5½-inch x 8½-inch) loaf pan. Cover, freeze for 4 hours or until almost firm.
2.Push 120g (4 ounces) thawed frozen raspberries through a fine sieve over a small bowl, discard seeds. Scrape yoghurt from bottom and sides of pan with a fork, swirl raspberry purée through yoghurt. Cover; freeze until ready to serve. Serve with fresh raspberries, if you like.

Break up a few tablespoons of the frozen yoghurt and raspberry swirl with a fork for your toddler.


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