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Black forest trifle

Our black forest trifle is a stunning fusion of two of the most popular desserts at recipes+. We've cheated a bit here with the store bought ingredients, but the results are still amazing.
Black forest trifle



1.Place jelly crystals in a medium heatproof bowl. Add boiling water. Stir to dissolve crystals. Add 3/4 cup cold water. Pour into base of a 3-litre (12-cup) glass serving dish. Add half the morello cherries to jelly. Chill for 3-4 hours or until firm.
2.Arrange rollette slices over jelly. Top with custard, then two-thirds of the remaining cherries.
3.Using an eiectric mixer, beat cream in a large bowl until soft peaks form. Spread cream over cherries. Chill until ready to serve. Serve topped with chocolate and remaining cherries.

Chocolate rollettes are mini chocolate sponge rolls; if unavailable, you can use regular mini sponge rolls.


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