Snowman cake

So, you want to build a snowman? This snowman cake is quite simple and perfect for a Winter wonderland themed kids party!
So, you want to build a snowman!





1.Cut one cake into a 12cm round using the 15cm cake board or a plate as a guide. Secure cakes, as pictured, on the 30cm cake board with a little frosting. Place cakes in freezer until firm.
2.Reserve 2 tablespoons of frosting for decorating. Spread remaining frosting over top and sides of cakes. Sprinkle cake with coconut.
3.Melt white chocolate in a small bowl over a saucepan of simmering water; stir in oil, then tint chocolate orange. Roll waffle cone in chocolate; place on a piece of baking paper to set.
4.Trim sour straps; attach to cake for scarf. Reserve leftover sour strap for hat band.
5.Using picture as a guide; position dark chocolate Melts on the smaller cake for eyes, top with the marshmallows then M&Ms, securing with a little frosting as needed. Position fruit rings for buttons and waffle cone for nose. Position mini M&M’s for mouth. Push the pretzel rods in the sides of the cake for arms.
6.To make snowman’s hat, cut muffin bar in half lengthways through the centre; cut one long piece in half crossways. Secure the 2 smaller pieces on top of each other, then secure to centre of larger piece. Position on top of snowman with a little frosting. Spread frosting over top and sides of hat. Cut licorice strap into strips to neatly fit on top and around sides of muffin (cut the licorice strap from the centre of the strap roll where it has been wound tightly, so you get a rounded shape for the hat). Cut a piece of sour strap and position around hat for hat band.

We used plain, mini and domed-shaped white marshmallows to decorate the background as snow.


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