Sweetheart cake

Sweetheart cake
48 Item


Butter cream (1 quantity)


1.Preheat oven to 180°C (160°C fan-forced). Line four 12-hole (⅓ -cup/80ml) muffin pans with red paper cases.
2.Make cakes according to directions on packets, divide mixture evenly among cases. Bake cakes about 20 minutes. Stand cakes in pans 5 minutes, turn, top-side up, onto wire racks to cool.
3.To make butter cream. Beat the butter (and any flavouring if using) in a small bowl with an electric beater until the butter is as white as possible. (This will result in a whiter buttercream which will give you better results if colouring it). Gradually beat in half of the sifted icing sugar, then the milk, then the remaining sifted icing sugar. Beat until the butter cream is smooth and spreadable. Keep scraping down the side of the bowl during beating.
4.Tint one-third of the butter cream pink, tint another third red, leave remaining third plain.
5.Spread one-third of the cakes with pink butter cream, another third with red butter cream and remaining cakes with plain butter cream.
6.Using picture as a guide, decorate cakes with lollies, as desired.
7.Arrange cupcakes, side by side, on prepared board, in the shape of a heart. Use musk sticks to outline the heart shape.

This cake is another one perfect to take to school, or picnic — or any outdoor party.


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