Surf’s up cake

Surf's up little dude! This summer birthday cake is perfect for beach bums and surfer dudes.
Surf's up at the beach cake




1.To melt chocolate, bring about an inch of water to a simmer in your saucepan. Set the heatproof bowl in the mouth of the pot, making sure the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl. Stir chocolate occasionally as it softens. When you have just a few small unmelted chunks, remove bowl from heat (residual heat will melt the rest).
2.Reserve 1 tablespoon of the white chocolate. Tint remaining chocolate orange. Pour orange chocolate into the medium ziptop bag, snip one corner from bag. Using the template as a guide, pipe surfboards onto oven tray lined with baking paper, quickly spread with a palette knife to smooth surface. Leave to set. Drizzle reserved white chocolate over the fruit ring to create a float.
3.Secure cakes, long sides together, on the cake board with a little frosting. Tint half the remaining frosting blue. Using picture as a guide, spread all but 1 tablespoon of the plain frosting over one-third of the cake. Spread blue frosting over remaining cake and ice-cream cone. Position cone on top of cake to make wave. Using the tip of a palette knife, swirl some of the reserved plain frosting on top and around cone to create the wave breaks.
4.Seal biscuits in the large ziptop bag; gently pound with a rolling pin or meat mallet until crushed. Sprinkle biscuit crumbs over plain frosting and around edge of cake to resemble sand.
5.Using kitchen scissors; cut the green and blue section from one of the sour straps. Place on one of the surfboards; trim to fit. Cut the remaining red and yellow section into two 3cm x 5cm flags. Thread each flag onto the end of a skewer. Push flags into cake. Cut green layer of the licorice allsort into a star; secure onto one of the surfboards with a little frosting.
6.Cut remaining sour strap into 2 x 5cm towels. Using picture as a guide, position surfboards, yellow bootlace, towels and float on the sand.

You can use piping gel to decorate the surfboards if you like. Place some coarsely crushed Clinkers and Maltesers around the edge of the sand for rocks. Remove the skewers and non-edible decorations before serving.


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