Science experiment cake

Crazy scientist experiment birthday cake for your little scientists! Fill the cone flasks with lollies so the children get a surprise when they lift the cone flasks!
Science experiment cake
1H 30M




1.Melt chocolate. Place cones on an oven tray lined with baking paper. Drizzle cones with melted chocolate to completely cover. Stand 10 minutes or until chocolate sets. Using picture as a guide, mark black lines onto cones with writing gel.
2.Reserve ¾ cup of the frosting. Using black colouring, tint remaining frosting grey. Level top of cakes. Secure one cake onto cake board with a little frosting. Spread a little frosting over cake then top with remaining cake. Cover top and sides of cake with remaining grey frosting.
3.Divide reserved frosting into three small bowls. Tint frostings green, yellow and blue. Spread base of each cone in one of the coloured frostings then sprinkle with matching nerds. Using picture as a guide, position cones on cake.

You could make lolly filled volcanoes by enclosing the base of the cone with a disc of chocolate. This could make for great lolly bags.


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