Sammy the shark cake

Sammy the shark lives under the sea with big sharp lolly teeth, blowing, marshmallow bubbles. Perfect cake for an underwater themed birthday party.
Sammy the shark cake




1.Secure 2 cakes, long sides together, with a little frosting; spread top with a little frosting and top with the remaining 2 cakes. Cut out shark shape using picture as a template.
2.Tint frosting grey with a little black colouring. Secure shark to cake board with a little frosting. Spread frosting all over cake.
3.Position white mentos on cake for eye, securing with a little frosting. Secure black jube half to top of mentos; cut a small sliver of the white marshmallow and position on jube for iris.
4.Cut licorice into 3 long thin strips; position on cake for gills.
5.Using kitchen scissors, trim white sections of teeth lollies into sharp points. Position teeth on cake, trimming to fit. Trim pineapple lollies into fish shapes. Cut pieces of licorice into tiny cubes; position on pineapple lollies for fish eyes (you can do this with black writing icing, if you prefer).

We used a selection of different-sized marshmallows for the ‘bubbles’.


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