Salt-baked lamb with lemon and artichoke sauce

Baking a leg of lamb in a salt crust means the meat is steamed as you bake it, leaving it incredibly tender and allowing the herbs to fully permeate the leg.
1H 25M



1.Combine fennel seeds and garlic in small bowl. Press mixture all over lamb. Heat oil in large frying pan; cook lamb, turning, until browned all over. Transfer lamb to wire rack over tray. Cover; refrigerate until cool.
2.Meanwhile, combine salt and water in large bowl; stir in flour until combined and becomes a soft, smooth dough. Wrap in plastic; refrigerate 30 minutes.
3.Preheat oven to 250°C/480°F.
4.Roll dough on floured surface until 5mm (¼ inch) thick. Place rosemary sprig, then lemon slices along centre of dough; top with lamb. Fold dough over lamb to enclose; place seam-side down on baking paper lined oven tray. Roast, uncovered, 45 minutes. Remove from oven; stand lamb, in crust, 15 minutes, then break crust open and remove lamb.
5.Meanwhile, make lemon and artichoke sauce. Melt butter in medium saucepan, add flour; cook, stirring, until mixture thickens and bubbles. Gradually add stock and wine; cook, stirring, about 10 minutes or until sauce boils and thickens. Stir in rind, juice, artichoke and cream; cook, stirring until hot.
6.Serve sliced lamb with rosemary and sauce.

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