Rabbit in a hat cake

What's inside the magicians hat? Abracadabra the rabbit! This cake is perfect for little magicians and magic themed birthday parties.
Abracadabra the rabbit




1.Level cake tops. Secure one cake, cut-side down, on cake board; spread top with ¼ cup of chocolate frosting. Top with a second cake; spread top with ¼ cup of frosting. Using the 11.5cm cutter, cut a circle from the centre of the remaining cake; discard circle. Place cake on top of cake stack. Spread chocolate frosting over top, sides and around the hole inside the cake.
2.Melt chocolate. Mark a 22cm circle on a sheet of baking paper; turn paper over. Spread chocolate on paper to make a circle. Stand for 5 minutes or until just set. Using the 10cm cutter cut a circle from the centre of the chocolate. Stand for 5 minutes or until chocolate has set hard. When chocolate is ready, remove smaller circle and place inside the hole. Using picture as a guide, attach the chocolate ring to the cake to make a hat rim.
3.Using a small pair of scissors, cut ear shapes from wafers. Spread one side of wafer with vanilla frosting then sprinkle with coconut; repeat on other side. Spread muffin top with a little vanilla frosting; sprinkle with coconut. Place muffin in hat; position wafers as ears. Attach orange lollies as eyes. Thinly slice 2 rounds from licorice; attach to eyes. Trim another piece of licorice into a nose shape; position on rabbit’s face.
4.Roll ready-made white icing on a surface dusted with a little sifted icing sugar; trace your child’s hands, cut out the gloves. Attach jelly bean slice to glove for button. Position gloves over side of hat, and wand at the base of the cake.

Use cake pans as a guide to draw and cut the circles. If you like, before adding the rabbit’s head, fill the hole in the hat with lollies, allowing them to flow over the top of the hat.


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