Lollipop balloon cake

Hold on tight, we're taking flight! This cake decoration is perfect for a Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party, or a infant's nursery rhyme birthday party.
Lollipop balloon cake
1H 30M




1.Spoon ¼ cup of the frosting into piping bag; reserve. Tint remaining frosting blue.
2.Level cake tops. Secure one cake, cut-side down, on cake board. Spread top of cake with ¼ cup of the blue frosting. Repeat with remaining two cakes, layering cakes on top of each other. Cover top and side of cake with remaining blue frosting.
3.Using picture as a guide, cut bubble gum tape to make grass. Press grass around bottom edge of cake. Position rabbit figurine onto cake. Position bootlaces and push lollipops into side and top of cake.
4.Pipe clouds onto cake with reserved frosting.

We used flat and round lollipops for this cake. If using non-edible decorations, make sure that they are removed before serving.


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