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Lemon poppy seed biscuits

lemon poppy seed biscuits
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1.Beat butter, sugars and extract in a small bowl with an electric mixer until pale and creamy. In two batches, stir in sifted flour and seeds. Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes.
2.Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease and line oven trays with baking paper.
3.Roll dough between sheets of baking paper until 5mm thick. Using a large heart cutter, cut 32 hearts from dough. Place hearts about 2.5cm apart on trays. Using small heart cutter, cut centres out of 16 large hearts.
4.Bake whole hearts about 10 minutes and the remaining hearts about 8 minutes; cool on trays.
5.Spread whole hearts with curd, then top with remaining hearts.

We used a store-bought lemon curd in this recipe. Biscuits can be made a day ahead; they are best filled on the day of serving.


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