Hickory dickory watch

There's always time for cake.

Before there was Tik Tok, there was the Hickory Dickory Dock Watch from our famous Children’s Birthday Cake cookbook. Try it for your kids and grandkids now.

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1.Make cake according to directions on packet, pour into greased deep 20cm (8in) round cake tin, bake in moderate oven 50 minutes or until cooked when tested. Turn on to wire rack to cool, then place on prepared board.
2.If desired, tint Vienna Cream with a few drops yellow food colouring. With a knife dipped in hot water, spread Vienna Cream evenly over cake. Place 15cm (6in) diameter saucepan lid on top of cake, coat exposed top and sides with hundreds and thousands, remove saucepan lid carefully.
3.Make numerals, clock hands and mouse tail from licorice, place numerals and hands in position, use coloured jube for centre.
4.Press coloured jubes around edge of clock face. Make winder by pressing two jubes on to a toothpick, press into clock. A prune with licorice piece for tail, small musks or almond pieces for eyes represents the mouse.

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