Frankfurt the sausage dog cake

Calling all little dog lovers! Frankfurt, the sausage dog is a delicious and easy chocolate covered sponge roll. Don't forget to add his bowl of M&M's dog food!




1.Cut 2 rollettes in half. Using picture as a guide, position large sponge roll (body) on top of halved rollettes (legs) on cake board, securing with a little frosting and toothpicks, if needed.
2.Position muffin on its side on top of one end of the sponge roll to make head (flat end at front); secure with skewers, trimming if necessary. Trim 1cm from remaining rollette and discard; secure remaining rollette to muffin for snout with a little frosting and toothpicks. Use a small serrated knife to trim back end of dog into a rounded shape.
3.Spread frosting all over cake. Using a small knife, press lightly into frosting to make short fur.
4.Cut a small slice from the licorice, shape into a triangular shape and position for nose. Cut a 2cm thin piece of sour strap; split it halfway down length; position as an upside-down ‘Y’ shape under the nose.
5.Cut marshmallow in half; position, cut-side up, for eyes. Cut jelly bean in half, secure on top of marshmallows. Cut Tic Tacs in half; position for claws.
6.Trim end of licorice piece into a point; push into cake to make tail. Attach biscuits for ears, securing with a little frosting.
7.To make collar, trim sour strap to fit round dog’s neck. Pierce heart with a skewer, push through a piece of bootlace and position around the collar piece for tag. Secure dog’s collar around neck with a little frosting and a toothpick if needed.

The sponge roll used here has a diameter of 10cm and a length of 16cm. Remove toothpicks and skewers before serving.


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