First aid cake

When I grow up I want to be a doctor! This cake is fun and interactive with the blue M&M pills and stethoscope made out of licorice. Great fun for little doctors and nurses!
First aid cake




1.Sandwich two cakes together, upright on long sides, with a little frosting. Secure to cake board with a little frosting. Spread frosting all over cake.
2.Using picture as a guide, position one wafer on centre top of bag to form a strap; cut another wafer in half and position pieces on front and back of bag to complete strap. Cut thin strips of sour strap and position around wafer edges. Cut one strap into a cross shape, secure to wafer with a little frosting.
3.Cut 4 wafers in half crossways; cut each half diagonally into 4 triangles. Secure triangles on edges of bag, as pictured. Cut a piece of licorice strap and push into top of bag to form the handle.
4.To make the stethoscope, cut a 40cm piece of licorice strap; split in half, making a 15cm split at one end. Position half a marshmallow on each end for ear buds. Spread frosting over biscuit. Cut a piece of sour strap into a heart shape and attach to the biscuit, as pictured.
5.Sandwich 4 wafers together with a little frosting; cover top of wafer with frosting to make a prescription pad. Cut sour strap to make a cross shape and secure to top of prescription pad.
6.Position marshmallows in a pile to form cotton balls. Place lollies in small jars and bottles; position around cake to make pills and medicines.

Freeze the cake before icing to avoid getting crumbs in the frosting.


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