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10 easy toastie recipes the whole family will enjoy

Delicious, filling and ready in a flash!
Bolognese toastie

Whether it’s a grilled toastie or a jaffle filled to the brim with leftovers, toasted sandwiches are a family favourite that never disappoint.

Crisp and golden on the outside, jam-packed on the inside. Fill them with almost any ingredient, and serve them open if needed. They’re a quick, easy and solid option for any meal.


Ham, egg and cheese toasties

An old favourite that’s packed with protein.


Breakfast jaffle

Breakfast toastie

This bacon, egg and chutney toastie is a great way to start the day.


Corned beef and red cabbage

Corned beef and red cabbage

This classic combo gives your midweek sandwiches a deluxe touch.


Kimchi toastie

Kimchi and cheese toasties

A fresh and healthy lunch idea.


Corned beef and mustard

Corned beef and mustard jaffle

Cheesy corned beef sandwiches are a great way to use up leftovers.


Mushroom and pesto

Mushroom and pesto toasted sandwiches

A flavour-packed vegie lunch.


Reuben toastie

You might not be able to get to New York right now, but you can still savour this quintessential American dish. Delish!


Bolognese and parmesan toasties

Leftover spag bol? Put it to good use with this recipe.


Chicken schnitzel toasties

Chicken schnitzel toasties

Jazz up your regular toastie lunch with crispy fried schnitzels served on toasties with cheese and shredded wombok.


Banana choc

Banana and choc-almond toastie

Rise and shine with these decadent banana and choc-almond toasties.

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