30 desserts heroing bananas

From bread and cakes, to chocolate brownies and banoffee pies - the options are endless!
Banana recipes

As Aussies, we know a thing or two about good banana recipes, so this collection of cakes, slices, pies and tarts is designed to showcase the versatility of this humble fruit. There’s a selection of banana bread recipes for morning and afternoon tea, alongside decadent caramel and banana cakes and chocolate brownies for when you need to entertain. Plus, you’ll find a banana and bacon fusion alongside a vegan banoffee pie to appeal to everyone’s tastebuds – the options are endless!

Looking for more banana bread recipes or banana cake recipes?

Banana nice cream recipe with coconut and rosemary


Banana, coconut & rosemary nice-cream

Banana, coconut & rosemary nice-cream

This dairy-free ‘nice’ cream recipe is a delicious sweet treat featuring fragrant rosemary and honey for a simple and elegant dessert dish.


French toast with caramel and banana

French toast with caramel and banana

It doesn’t get much more decadent than this. Brioche French toast layered with sliced banana, rich caramel sauce and topped with cream. Go on, spoil yourself.


No-bake banana coconut pie

No-bake banana coconut pie

No baking required for this creamy banana and coconut treat that’s full of nutritious nuts, oats and fruit for a healthier dessert you’ll love.


Little cinnamon banana tarte tatins

These adorable little cinnamon banana tarte tatins are simply irresistible! Full of delicious ingredients, this sure is one heavenly dessert!


Banana and choc-almond toastie

Banana and choc-almond toastie

Rise and shine with these decadent and wholesome banana and choc-almond toasties – a perfect start to the morning or an indulgent dessert!

caramel banana steamed pudding


Caramel banana steamed pudding

Make this rich and delicious banana and caramel steamed pudding in your pressure cooker for a moist, sweet dessert that will be ready in under an hour

Banana fritters with golden syrup


Banana fritters with golden syrup

Banana fritters with golden syrup

There’s something spectacular about these crispy, golden, deep-fried banana fritter drizzled with sweet golden syrup and cream.

easy banana pancakes recipe


Banana maple pancakes

Banana maple pancakes

Decadent pancakes sweetened with banana & maple syrup & topped with crunchy pecans make the ideal weekend breakfast. Treat yourself to something sweet

health benefits of chia seeds


Banana berry breakfast sorbet

Banana berry breakfast sorbet

This ruby red bowl of lusciousness is brimming with good things – from an assortment of healthy fruit, to chia seeds packed with omega-3s.


Dutch chocolate pancakes with banana

Nothing beats pancakes – except maybe these Dutch chocolate pancakes with banana.

Banana recipes


Banana & cinnamon upside-down cake

Banana & cinnamon upside-down cake

A lovely upside-down cake, from its brown sugar batter and buttermilk to keep it light, to the caramelised bananas on the top.


Coconut banoffee tart

This coconut banoffee tart is simple to make and utterly delicious. Only five ingredients & a few pantry staples are needed to create this easy treat


Banana, peanut butter and bacon cupcakes

Sweet, salty, sticky and crunchy – these banana, peanut butter and bacon cupcakes are a little piece of heaven – the ultimate weekend treat!

wheaty banana muffins


Wheaty banana muffins

These wheaty banana muffins make a wonderful mid-morning or afternoon snack, and with the addition of Weetbix, you can enjoy them for breakfast too.

BANANA Caramel Scrolls


Banana caramel scrolls

Filled with coffee-soaked sultanas and chopped walnuts, these banana caramel scrolls make a decadent morning sweet treat.

Vegan banoffee pie


Vegan banoffee pie

You’d never know this rich banana and maple pie is fully vegan and free of refined sugar!

Bread and butter pudding with banana and almonds


Banana bread and butter pudding

Just like Grandma used to make, this bread and butter pudding with bananas and almonds is a great way to use up stale bread.


Flourless banana and orange blossom loaves

You’d never guess these flourless banana and orange blossom loaves are free of dairy, refined sugar and gluten!

Banana coffee and walnut cake with salted caramel frosting


Banana coffee and walnut cake with salted caramel frosting

Topped with whipped caramel frosting sprinkled with sea salt, this moist banana, walnut and coffee cake is perfect for a special occasion.


Banana bread

This deliciously warm and moist banana bread recipe is great served fresh from the oven, spread with butter.

banana & passionfruit   cream cupcakes


Banana and passionfruit cream cupcakes

Perfect for afternoon tea, these Banana and passionfruit cream cupcakes are easy to make and totally delicious.

Banana Caramel Layer Cake


Banana caramel layer cake

Create a heavenly volcano with thick, sweet caramel oozing out of this gorgeously layered creamy banana cake. It’s sure to dazzle at a birthday party.

Banana fritters with golden syrup


Banana fritters with golden syrup

These crispy, golden banana fritters are brilliant with golden syrup. won’t stick around long on the plate!

nutty banana self-saucing pudding


Nutty banana self-saucing pudding

Serve this delectable nutty banana self-saucing pudding hot or warm, with cream, ice-cream or custard.

COCONUT Banana Bread


Coconut and banana bread

This coconut and banana bread recipe makes the ultimate morning tea treat.


Banana and choc-hazelnut dessert pizza

Who said pizza has to be limited to savoury? Put a sweet twist on this traditional Italian dish with the addition of chocolate, hazelnut and sweet bananas on a pizza base. The golden crumbly topping is the perfect ingredient to finish off this decadent dessert.

Raspberry and Banana Mini Muffins


Raspberry and banana mini muffins

Buttermilk gives these fruity, easy-to-make raspberry and banana mini muffins a delicious, tangy flavour.

banoffee slice


Banoffee slice

We combine sweet, rich toffee and banana in this gorgeous banoffee slice, perfect for entertaining.

SPICY BANANA Whoopie  Pies


Spicy banana whoopie pies

A zesty cream cheese goes brilliantly sandwiched between these spicy banana whoopie pies.

Banana almond cake


Gluten free banana and almond cake

Drizzled with sweet, lemony icing, this gluten free banana and almond cake is moist and delicious.

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