Vegan taco bowls

Serve up these tasty vegan taco bowls guaranteed to impress.

A delicious vegan filling made from mushroom, walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes, served with guacamole and fresh vegetables to create these colourful Mexican-inspired bowls.

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1.Place walnuts and sunflower seeds in a small bowl; place sun-dried tomatoes in another small bowl. Add enough cold water to both bowls to cover ingredients. Stand, covered, for 4 hours. Drain and rinse under cold water; drain well. Squeeze out excess water from sun-dried tomatoes.
2.Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F. Grease two large oven trays.
3.Finely chop soaked sun-dried tomatoes; process with soaked walnuts and sunflower seeds until crumbly. Transfer to a large bowl. Remove seeds from fresh tomatoes; finely chop tomato, capsicum, mushrooms, carrot and onion. Add half the chopped tomato to the walnut mixture with the other chopped vegetables; stir to combine.
4.Whisk tamari, vinegar, miso, garlic, cumin and chilli powder in a small bowl. Add to vegetable mixture; mix well to combine.
5.Spread taco mixture evenly between oven trays. Bake for 30 minutes or until dark brown and edges start to catch, stirring occasionally so mixture doesn’t burn.
6.Meanwhile, make guacamole. Mash avocado with remaining ingredients in a medium bowl; season to taste.
7.Arrange lettuce leaves on a large platter; fill with taco mixture, cabbage, corn, remaining tomato, the guacamole and yoghurt. Top with coriander and chill; serve with lime.

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