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Slow cooker honey soy lamb chops

Set and forget to create these easy lamb chops in your slow cooker.
honey soy lamb chops
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One of our favourite ways to cook lamb is these honey soy lamb chops in the slow cooker. A little bit salty-sweet and super easy to set and forget.

You dont need to put your slow cooker away just because it’s getting warmer. This easy meal is great to prep and set up to come home to an easy dinner – even better it only needs five ingredients to create.

Slow cookers are perfect for making tougher cuts of lamb tender and buttery with barely any effort. From the classic lamb shanks, and curries to stews, these lamb recipes will inspire you to break out the slow cooker!

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Five ingredients



Trim chops to remove excess fat. Cut 2 onions into thick wedges.


Combine soy sauce, honey and 1 tablespoon of the oil in a small jug.


Heat a 5-litre (20-cup) slow cooker on LOW. Place onion wedges in cooker; top with lamb and soy sauce mixture. Cook, covered, for 6 hours.


Remove lamb and onion from slow cooker; cover to keep warm. Skim fat from liquid. Adjust setting to ‘reduce’ (HIGH); cook liquid, uncovered, for 15 minutes or until slightly sticky. Strain sauce through a fine sieve into a medium jug.


To make salad, combine remaining oil and vinegar in a large bowl. Thinly slice remaining red onion. Add onion and kale to bowl with dressing; season and toss gently.


Serve lamb and onion with sauce and salad.

Chops are suitable to freeze at the end of step 3. However, to make the sauce, the onion and pan juices need to be frozen separately to the meat; reheat in saucepan before starting at step 4.


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