Quick & Easy

Sparkling white sangria




1.Combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl or serving jug. Stir well, then leave to sit for a few minutes.
2.Pour and refresh liquids as needed, or include fruit in the pouring if you don’t require more rounds.

A refreshing drink that’s easy to make, this sangria also looks fantastic with jewel-like fruit studded throughout. With the addition of kiwifruit and kiwiberries, I’ve given this Spanish tipple a local twist. For an easy non-alcoholic version, simply replace the bubbles with lemonade. If you prefer not to use too much sugar, add soda water and up the amount of fruit. Don’t be afraid to try different fruits in this punch either! If you can’t get hold of kiwifruit or strawberries, it really doesn’t matter. Throw in similar portions of whichever fruits are in season or in the fruit bowl at home.


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