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Rare roast beef and gruyère jaffle

Jazz up the humble jaffle with this gourmet filling.
rare roast beef and gruyère jaffle

The combination of tender roast beef, creamy melted gruyere cheese and tangy horseradish cream is a match made in heaven! When you’re looking for a lunch that is a little bit special and a whole lot tasty then you can turn to this classic toastie for a warm and comforting lunchtime meal.

Two slices of bread filled with whatever takes your fancy and pressed in a jaffle iron or sandwich press makes a brilliant lunch or easy weeknight meal. A generous slather of butter on the outside always gives your toastie an extra boost.

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1.Butter both sides of bread with butter. Spread bread slices with horseradish cream. Top with onion, chives, beef and cheese.
2.Season, top with remaining bread. Toast in jaffle machine or sandwich press for 3 minutes or until golden.

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