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Hot smoked trout salad

Hot-smoked trout is exactly what it sounds like, trout that has been cured in a hot smoker, a method that is used to preserve fish, meat, cheese and nuts while bestowing a distinctive flavour of wood-smoke.
hot smoked trout salad



1.Place tomatoes in a large bowl and crush lightly with a potato masher. Add vinegar, oil, seasoning and leave to stand while you prepare remaining ingredients.
2.Halve each avocado and use a large metal spoon to remove each half in one piece. Thinly slice avocado leaving it attached at one end. Fan half an avocado out in the centre of each of four serving plates.
3.Break or crumble trout over avocado.
4.Spoon tomatoes over trout and top with herbs and a little extra black pepper, if desired.

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