Pork and water chestnut wonton soup

Tasty wontons in a light, savoury broth make for a perfect lunch or light dinner. This is one of those magic meals that makes you feel like a better person just for eating it.



1.Bring chicken stock to the boil then turn down heat to a simmer. Add ginger, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. The soup can then continue to gently simmer until your wontons are ready.
2.To make this dish really easy, you can use a food processor. Start with the Thai basil leaves and then add them to a large mixing bowl. Add very roughly chopped water chestnuts, ginger, peanuts and finally, mince up your pork fillet and add that too. You can then mix in the hoisin sauce.
3.Lay out a clean dry tea towel to roll the wontons on, and a tray with a clean damp tea towel, where you will put your rolled wontons. To roll, place a single wonton wrapper on your dry tea towel in a diamond shape. Using a teaspoon put a small mound of the wonton mixture in the middle. Using a pastry brush dipped in water, moisten all four sides of the wonton wrapper.
4.To roll, just bring the top and bottom corners together first. Then pull in the left corner to the middle and pinch together the diagonal edges that form as you do this. Repeat for the right corner so that the wonton now looks like a square with the edges forming a cross that runs from corner to corner.
5.Continue until all wontons are rolled. This mixture should make about 43 wontons.
6.In a pot (about the size of a dutch oven), bring about 4 litres of water to the boil. Drop in wontons and boil them for around 5 minutes to ensure that they are properly cooked on the inside. Take out with a slotted spoon or the asian equivalent and place immediately in serving bowls.
7.Add soup and garnish.

If you want to add some vegetables to the mix, try putting choi sum, button mushrooms or baby corn in the soup a couple of minutes before serving. You can also add green prawn flesh to the wonton mix, if you like, for a bit of variation.


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