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A blizzard of snowmen

a blizzard of snowmen
6 Item



1.Place sifted icing sugar on a large plate. Roll jam doughnuts in icing sugar to coat. Repeat with cinnamon doughnuts and mini doughnuts.
2.Secure jam doughnuts on serving plates with a little frosting. Top with cinnamon doughnuts and mini doughnuts to create snowmen, securing each doughnut with a little frosting.
3.Insert sticks into cinnamon doughnuts to form arms. Secure mini M&M’s with a little frosting to form eyes. Trim jelly babies into wedges to create carrot noses. Insert into centre of mini doughnut.

6 serving plates, or a large serving tray Use a mixture of jam and cinnamon doughnuts, mini jam doughnuts and doughnut holes, if you like.


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