Watermelon cake

This impressive watermelon cake is a fun addition to kids' parties and a healthy alternative to a classic chocolate cake.
watermelon cake

This impressive tiered watermelon cake is a healthy alternative to a classic celebration cake. No-bake and easy to make, this layer dessert is a great way to include those who are restricted by dietary requirements. You can use freshly whipped cream between layers of the watermelon cake for an extra special twist if you’d like, but this fresh cake is lovely on its own.

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You’ll need these…




Cut two large cross section slices from each watermelon so they are about 6cm thick. Cut one piece into a 21cm round. Cut one into a 16cm round, one into a 13cm round and the remaining one into a 10cm round.


Place the larger watermelon round on a platter or board. Top with remaining rounds graduating in size.


Using a melon baller, cut 8 balls from rockmelon and 10 balls from the watermelon offcuts. Cut the remaining rockmelon and honeydew melon into 1.5cm slices. Using assorted cutters, cut rockmelon and honeydew melon into shapes.


Using picture as a guide, decorate ‘cake’ with melon shapes and remaining ingredients.

Use fruit offcuts in juices or smoothies or puree and freeze in popsicle moulds.


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