Dinner ideas






1.Press tofu between two chopping boards with weight on top, raise one end; stand 25 minutes. Cut tofu into 2cm cubes.
2.Meanwhile, make broth; stir ingredients in saucepan over medium heat until sugar dissolves.
3.Rinse noodles under hot water; drain. Cut into 15cm lengths.
4. Discard mushroom stems; cut a cross in top of caps.
5. Trim beef of all fat; slice thinly. Retain a small piece of beef fat for greasing sukiyaki pan. Arrange ingredients on platters or in bowls. Place broth in medium bowl. Break eggs into individual bowls; beat lightly.
6. Heat greased sukiyaki pan (or electric frying pan) on a portable gas cooker at the table; add one-quarter of the beef, stir-fry until partly cooked. Add a quarter each of the vegetables, tofu, noodles and broth. Dip cooked ingredients in egg before eating.
7. As ingredients and broth are eaten, add remaining ingredients and broth to pan, in batches.

You could use beef sirloin or rib eye (scotch fillet) instead of the rump steak. Sukiyaki beef is available fresh and frozen from Asian grocery stores and selected supermarkets. A traditional sukiyaki pan is available from Japanese stores.


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