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Mongolian hot pot

Mongolian Hot Pot


Chicken stock


1.To prepare meat: remove all fat and sinew from steak and wrap in plastic food wrap, place in freezer for one hour or until meat is very firm.
2.With very sharp knife or cleaver, cut meat into 3mm slices. Remove all fat and sinew from pork fillet, wrap in plastic food wrap and place in freezer for one hour or until meat is firm, cut as for beef fillet.
3.Remove skin from chicken meat and cut chicken meat from each side of breast bone, giving two pieces of meat, repeat with remaining breast. Cut meat into thin slices. Remove skin and bones from fish fillets. Cut fillets into 5cm x 5mm slices.
4.To prepare seafood: shell prawns, remove back vein if large, cut in two lengthwise. Remove oysters from shell or drain bottled oysters.
5.To prepare vegetables: wash cabbage, drain well, cut into 4cm pieces. Cut bean curd into 5mm slices.
6.Drain bamboo shoots, slice thinly. Halve mushrooms. Slice peeled carrot thinly, wash bean sprouts, top and tail snow peas, drain corn.
7.To prepare the chicken stock: place chicken pieces, water, crumbled stock cubes, chopped celery, sliced ginger and peeled and sliced onion in pan.
8.Bring to boil, reduce heat, simmer covered 2 hours, strain stock, return stock to pan, add salt, sesame oil and chopped shallots, bring to boil, remove.
9.Heat in an electric hot pot (which simplifies the preparation) or a large electric frypan. However, many people still have the hot pot which is fired by charcoal.
10.To serve, pour stock into hot pot, add ingredients and bring to boil.

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