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Herbed and spiced sashimi with ginger cabbage salad

Incredibly fresh, light and full of flavour, this salad makes for a very special weekend lunch dish.
herbed and spiced sashimi with ginger cabbage salad
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Ginger dressing


1.Dry-fry seeds in heated small frying pan, stirring, until fragrant; cool. Using mortar and pestle, crush seeds; combine in large bowl with salt, pepper and chives.
2.Cut each piece of fish into three 5cm-thick pieces. Roll each piece in seed mixture; wrap tightly, individually, in plastic wrap. Refrigerate until required.
3.To make ginger dressing; combine ingredients in screw-top jar; shake well.
4.Boil, steam or microwave beans until just tender; drain. Rinse beans under cold water; drain. Slice radishes thinly; cut slices into matchstick-sized pieces.
5.Combine beans and radish in large bowl with cabbage, onion, sprouts, coriander leaves and half of the dressing.
6.Unwrap fish; slice thinly. Divide fish and salad among serving plates; drizzle fish with remaining dressing.

Salmon and tuna sold as sashimi have to meet stringent guidelines regarding their handling and treatment after leaving the water; however, it is best to seek local advice from knowledgeable authorities before eating any raw fish. You need half a medium chinese cabbage for this recipe.


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