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Crispy Thai tofu with pomelo slaw

Marinated in Thai spices and chargrilled, this delicious tofu recipe absolutely bursting with flavour. Alongside a pomelo slaw, this is a refreshing dinner any night of the week.
Crispy Thai tofu with pomelo slaw


Ginger dressing


1.Pat tofu dry with paper towel. Finely chop 1 chilli; thinly slice other chilli. Combine lemon grass, chopped chilli and oil in a large shallow dish. Add tofu; turn to coat. Stand for at least 10 minutes.
2.Meanwhile, make ginger dressing: combine ingredients in a small bowl. Season to taste. Reserve 1/3 cup of the dressing.
3.Place pomelo segments, cabbage, carrot, onion, coriander and sliced chilli in a large bowl with remaining dressing; toss gently to combine. Sprinkle with peanuts.
4.Cook tofu, in batches, on a heated oiled grill plate (or grill or barbecue) over high heat for 3 minutes each side or until golden and crisp. Drain on paper towel.
5.Divide slaw between serving bowls. Serve topped with tofu slices, drizzled with reserved dressing. ginger dressing. Combine ingredients in a small bowl. Season to taste.

Tofu can be marinated a day ahead; keep covered in the fridge. To segment the pomelo, cut the top and bottom from pomelo; cut off the rind with the white pith, following the curve of the fruit. Cut down either side of each segment close to the membrane to release the segment. You can use grapefruit instead of pomelo. Use a julienne peeler to cut the carrot into long thin strips. Julienne peelers are available from kitchenware stores and Asian food stores.


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