Jelly fish bowl

Life in a fish bowl! Create this cool jelly fish bowl for a underwater themed birthday party.
Jelly fish bowl




1.Position jubes in base of glass bowl. Make one packet of the jelly following packet directions; tint pale blue. Pour enough jelly into glass bowl to just cover jubes (you don’t want them to float). Refrigerate until jelly is set.
2.To make fish, place two apricot halves together; place on a small oven tray. Cut sour strap into fin shapes; push in between apricot halves to secure. Gently push a choc Bit into apricot for an eye. Repeat with remaining apricots, sour strap and choc Bits; freeze 1 hour or until firm.
3.Tie bunches of rainbow laces together, knotting at one end. Push laces into jelly, making sure they are firmly in place. Make remaining jelly following packet directions; tint pale blue. Pour jelly into bowl (sour straps may float up, but should be anchored at the base to form seaweed). Refrigerate 1 hour or until nearly set.
4.When jelly is almost set, push fish into jelly with eye up against glass. Refrigerate until jelly is completely set. Sprinkle top of jelly with hundreds & thousands as fish food.

Start making this jelly cake 6 hours ahead of the party to allow the jelly to set between stages. We used create-a-jelly (available from larger supermarkets), which are clear jelly crystals that you add your own flavours and colours to, this way you can control the depth of colour. You can use blue or green jelly crystals, if you like, but it will be darker in colour and you may not be able to see the details in the fish bowl as well.


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