Better-for-you banoffee mousse pots

A decadent dessert with a layered twist.
Better-for-you banoffee mousse pots

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1.Scoop the thick cream from the top of the cans of coconut cream. You will need 2 cups of cream. Reserve remaining liquid.
2.Peel 5 bananas; process with the thick coconut cream, honey, vanilla and 5 scoops Ensure until completely smooth. Divide evenly among 6 x 1-cup (25ml) glasses. Place on a tray and freeze for 1 hour.
3.Meanwhile, process remaining Ensure, ¾cup reserved coconut liquid, the dates, peanut butter, cinnamon and salt until completely smooth. Divide mixture evenly over the semi-set mousse pots. Return to the freezer for 1 hour or until slightly firm.
4.Peel the remaining banana; cut on a diagonal into small pieces. Top the mousse pots with banana and chocolate. Drizzle with extra honey to serve if you like.

TIP Buy a coconut cream without emulsifiers, so that the thick cream sits on top of the liquid.


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