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Ham, blue brie and figs with honey mustard dressing

ham, blue brie and figs with honey mustard dressing



1.Place radicchio, rocket, ham, figs and brie in large bowl, serve, drizzled with dressing.
2.To make honey mustard dressing, place ingredients in screw-top jar, shake well.

hints Combining fruit and meat in a recipe confirms the adage that opposites attract. What might seem the unlikeliest of relationships can, with an innovate cook serving as matchmaker, become a marriage made in culinary heaven. These two recipes both call for fig as the featured fruit, yet melon, mandarin, peach or even pomegranate could serve as delicious foils to either the ham or quail. Don’t be hesitant about amending simple compilations like these ­ it is, after all, Christmas, and indulgence is perfectly allowable. Swap the blue brie for bocconcini and the ham for prosciutto to make our salad Italian; change the quail to barbecued duck and the dish assumes a Chinese guise.


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