Teddy bear birthday cake

Tubby the well-rounded bear makes the cutest birthday cake, and there's no baking involved! You could even opt for a fairy-tale theme and make three for a Goldilocks tableau.
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1.Secure one cinnamon doughnut to a 20cm-round cake board with a little frosting. Top with the jam doughnut and secure with a little frosting. Top with another cinnamon doughnut and secure with a little frosting.
2.Cut one cinnamon doughnut in half crossways. Spread a little frosting on one cut-side of each half; secure on the body with a little frosting, to form legs.
3.Cut one cinnamon doughnut in half crossways; attach to bear using toothpicks, to form arms.
4.Using the picture as a guide, position the remaining cinnamon doughnut, upright on top, to form the bear’s head; secure with a small bamboo skewer.
5.Cut one-third from each mini doughnut; reserve one larger off-cut. Spread a little frosting over the cut sides of the smaller pieces; attach to head to form ears (secure with toothpicks if unstable). Trim one-third off the end of the reserved off-cut; use the rounded end to form the bear’s nose and secure to the face with a little frosting.
6.Attach the blue smarties to the head for eyes and the brown smartie for a nose, using a little frosting. Use the chocolate writing gel to pipe the mouth and pupils on bear. Use the ribbon to make a bow; attach with a little frosting, if you like.

Not suitable to freeze or microwave.


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