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Sweet almond cherry tarts

sweet almond cherry tarts
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Almond filling


1.Sift flour and icing sugar into a large bowl; using fingertips, rub in butter until mixture is crumbly. Mix in enough of the water so that ingredients just come together (pastry can also be made using a food processor).
2.Knead dough lightly on floured surface until smooth. Enclose in plastic wrap; refrigerate 30 minutes.
3.Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F. Grease four oven trays; line with baking paper.
4.Make almond filling. Beat butter, sugar and egg in a small bowl with an electric mixer until smooth. Stir in flour and almonds.
5.Divide pastry into eight portions. Roll each portion on floured surface into a 15cm round; place two rounds on each tray.
6.Divide almond filling among rounds, leaving a 4cm border. Top with cherries; fold over border. Sprinkle with white sugar.
7.Bake tarts about 20 minutes or until pastry is browned lightly.

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