Scrabble birthday cake

Word play Happy Birthday! Write a message to the birthday child, or write all the names of the guests. You could even play a game and the guests can make words from the letters you create!
Scrabble birthday cake




1.Level cakes; secure cakes, cut-sides down, long sides together, on cake board with a little frosting. Tint remaining frosting blue; spread over top and sides of cake.
2.Cut licorice strap into lengths to fit around sides of cake. Cut 5 x 24cm and 7 x 18cm long thin strips from licorice strap; using picture as a guide, position strips to create a grid.
3.Using a large sharp knife; carefully cut chocolate block into individual squares. Turn, top-side down. Using writing icing, write letters onto chocolate squares and position on and around word board.
4.Cut star shapes from sour strap; position on cake.

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