Peking duck

The ideal start to any occasion.
peking duck
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Marinated Peking duck wrapped in delicate pancakes with spring onion and a tasty peanut and hoisin sauce are the ideal appetiser for any occasion.

Peking duck is a traditional dish from Beijing with crispy skin with a delicious sauce that has been made since the Imperial era.


Peanut and hoisin sauce


1.Wash duck under cold water; pat dry inside and out with absorbent paper. Tie string around neck of duck. Lower duck into large saucepan of boiling water for 30 seconds; remove from pan. Drain well; pat dry with absorbent paper. Tie string to refrigerator shelf and suspend duck, uncovered, over drip tray overnight.
2.Preheat oven to 240°C/475°F.
3.Tuck wings under duck. Place duck, breast-side up, on wire rack in large baking dish; brush entire duck with combined water, treacle, sherry, vinegar and five-spice. Place ginger and star anise inside cavity of duck. Roast, uncovered, 10 minutes; turn duck breast-side down. Brush with marinade; roast, uncovered, 10 minutes. Turn duck breast- side up; brush with marinade.
4.Reduce oven to 180°C/350°F; roast duck, uncovered, brushing occasionally with remaining marinade, 30 minutes or until cooked as desired.
5.Increase oven to 240°C/475°F; roast duck, uncovered, about 10 minutes or until skin is crisp and browned.
6.Meanwhile, make pancakes. Sift flour into large bowl; add the water, stir quickly using wooden spoon until ingredients cling together. Knead dough on floured surface about 10 minutes or until smooth. Divide dough into 20 pieces; roll pieces into balls, flatten slightly. Brush tops of dough with oil. Place one piece of dough on top of another, oiled surfaces together; roll out into an 18cm (7¼-inch) pancake. Repeat with remaining balls. Cook pancakes, one at a time, in small lightly oiled frying pan, over medium heat, about 30 seconds or until browned lightly. Turn pancake; brown other side. Pull pancakes apart with fingers to make two thin pancakes. Wrap pancakes in foil after each is cooked to prevent drying out.
7.Make peanut and hoisin sauce. Combine ingredients in small bowl.
8.Place duck on chopping board; remove skin. Slice skin and duck meat thickly.
9.Using teaspoon, remove seeds from cucumber.
10.Serve warm pancakes with duck meat, crisp skin, cucumber, onion and sauce.

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