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Mini pizza squares

mini pizza squares
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1.Preheat oven to 220°C (200°C fan-forced).
2.Oil two 25cm x 35cm swiss roll pans; line bases with baking paper, extending paper 5cm over long sides.
3.Make bread mix according to packet directions; spread mixture into pans. Bake for about 12 minutes or until browned lightly. Remove.
4.Spread paste over bases. Sprinkle tomato, capsicum, onion and feta over one pizza base. Sprinkle pineapple, ham and pizza cheese over remaining pizza base.
5.Bake pizzas for about 15 minutes or until cheese melts and bases are crisp.
6.Cut each pizza into 20 squares. Top each capsicum and feta pizza square with olives and basil leaves. Top each ham and pineapple pizza square with a tomato quarter and an oregano leaf. Serve.

Gluten-free bread mixes are available in plain and wholegrain, we used plain in this recipe.


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