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Littlest princess cupcakes

Pretty in pink, crown princess cupcakes for your little birthday princess!
Littlest princess cupcakes

Satisfaction guranteed.





1.Place muffins in paper cases.
2.To make crowns, cut 12 x 10cm lengths of bubble gum tape; wipe excess powder from strips. Using picture as a guide, use a small sharp knife to cut 5mm high triangles, side-by-side, from top of each bubble gum strip to make tips of crown. Dip one end of each strip in a little water, secure ends together, pinching to seal. Fan tips of crown outwards.
3.Place sprinkles in a small bowl. Place a little water in another small bowl. Dip tips of crowns quickly in water, shake off excess water; dip in sprinkles.
4.Tint frosting purple using purple and a little pink colouring. Spoon frosting into piping bag; pipe frosting onto each muffin. Sprinkle with sanding sugar; top with crowns.

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